Emani Nicole

Instagram: @_Crownedwithcurlss 
YouTube: Emani Nicole 
Ethnicity: African American/Black 
What I love about my Culture?: What I love about the Black Culture is the fact that we are fearlessly made. With the world today, we have to endure more than most, however, we never look at that as our reason to fall short or fail. We, as a black culture take the cards we are dealt and use them as stepping stones to make a difference, be a voice, and to succeed. I am proud to be black and I am not ashamed of where I come from! From music to sitcoms ( A different world, Martin, living single, Fresh Prince of Bel-air, etc.), fashion, and comedy, barbecues, family reunions, card games, soul food (Grandmas cooking), and just the feeling of love whenever you’re around is what I enjoy the most! 
About Me: Hello, my name is Emani Nicole. I am a 25-year-old, College Graduate, and mother of one! Anything and pretty much everything I do is for my son. It isn’t always easy, but I keep pushing and keep going because at the end of the day, he’s depending on me. 
Job: I currently work at State Farm Full time and I am a Natural Hair Blogger/Influencer Part-time. Praying God grants me the means to make that full time because that is what I am passionate about. 
My Passion: My passion is helping others and making others feel good. One of the reasons I began my natural hair journey was not only just for me, but I wanted to help other young girls or women out there who have the same texture as myself feel beautiful about their kinks and coils. I am very transparent and I come how I am. I try my best to stay far away from society’s standards of beauty and I want to encourage my followers to do the same. I believe beauty has no limits, so why limit yourself to be within society’s norm? I want to influence young girls to love the skin they’re in. If they are wanting to change something about themselves, I want it to be self-driven. I don’t want them to do it to look like someone else or to feel loved. Love starts within and it starts with you. That’s what I live by.

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