Lana Cole LLC was founded in Spring 2018, based on providing quality customer service and easy lifestyle solutions. 

Lana Cole is a small business promoting multiculturalism, health, and fashion by creating and distributing functional and elegant accessories, clothes and products for an effortless lifestyle. 

Lana Cole is about empowering diversity in all shades, colors, and sizes. Lana Cole stands for a modern inclusion of different cultures to create timeless and quality pieces for all to enjoy. 

 Meet our Founder 

As a woman from a diverse background, I knew we needed to improve the environment in which women all around the world we are in today. Lana Cole was created to share our values with women throughout the world. By creating clothes, products, and accessories inspired by countries all over the world, women will be able to incorporate cultures into their daily life.

 Lana Cole LLC values each individual customer and will continue to put its customers first creating and shipping quality products satisfying one customer at a time. I believe in exceptional customer service, personalized service and will continue to be the main focus of our company. Each product is design by me and handmade from all over the world. 

I hope Lana Cole will be an invaluable resource to your home.

Best wishes 

 Lana Cole